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Voyage of Discovery for St Mary St Peter Catholic Primary pupils

On Monday 11th March the Time and Tide museum hosted an ‘Arts Award in a Day’ event for St Mary St Peter Catholic primary school that saw years 5 & 6 swept up in a creative storm of drawing, poetry, music, drama and clay work with a shared theme of ‘the sea’.

St Mary St Peter Catholic Primary is one of a number of schools taking part in the Culture Schools Programme in Great Yarmouth, delivered as part of the Making Waves Together project. To participate in this scheme schools identify a member of staff to act as a cultural lead and choose an area of arts or culture to develop, in the case of St Mary St Peter, visual arts was the focus.

The school is then partnered, through Enjoy, with an arts or heritage organisation who can best support the school. St Mary St Peter primary choose to be partnered with Into Opera and work on an exciting project that will see Gobbolino the Witches Cat, a well-loved children’s book, turned in a family-friendly opera. Whilst singing and music were, naturally, part of the process due to the flexibility of the project, areas were adapted to focus on visual arts.

During the same term Clare Parker, Education Officer at Time and Tide museum and Phoebe Wingate, Cultural Learning Officer on the Making Waves Together project attended a staff meeting to see how else Enjoy could help the school deliver a more creative curriculum. There were numerous outcomes from this meeting, including a better understanding by staff of how the museum could support learning as well as the seed of an idea: an ‘Arts Award in a Day’ event, that would enable all the children to achieve a Discover Arts Award.

So it was that 60 children joined in with using museum objects and paintings to stimulate poetry, music and drama and making beautiful clay work with shell imprints. There was even time at the end of the day to come together and share what new art forms everyone had found out about, interview the artists and report on their favourite activity.

When asked if they would recommend the event, the teachers responded with a resounding yes and when asked why said:

“[The] expertise of the facilitators was excellent both in how children learn and in their own field”

“Really well organised event that was based around our topic of the sea. Thank you!”

It was a joy to work with years 5&6 and we look forward to the rest of the school visiting next week for their own voyage of (art) discovery!


Would your school like to take part in an ‘Arts Award in a Day’ event? Contact Enjoy by e-mailing phoebe.wingate@norfolk.gov.uk to find out more.



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