originalprojects; is based in the East Coast town of Great Yarmouth and currently includes Julia Devonshire and Kaavous Clayton.

In 2002 originalprojects; was formed as an amorphous collective of artists who could work together to make things happen in Norwich. It was inspired by meeting artists when working on EASTinternational and motivated by the lack of opportunities and space to present things in the city and the desire to connect both within and beyond.

One of the first projects that was developed was context;, a self-published occasional document that provided a platform within its pages for artists to present work in the absence of a physical exhibition space. This was followed by other enabling works including propogator (2003), a public-access bureau for audiences to share their own proposals for potential artworks, and provopolis (2005 and 2007), a live event that merged performances and activity by local and international artists with local performers and enthusiasts.

To find out more visit their website here.