In early January, Requiem’s research team pupils from Benjamin Britten School, Trafalgar Academy and East Norfolk Sixth Form enjoyed a fabulous workshop on exhibition panel writing, run by Norfolk Museums’ Ruth Burwood. They evaluated good and bad panels from other museums and experimented with how to get the most information into the fewest words. Editing their own research into 150 words was tougher than they thought! This work, along with work by Ormiston Venture and Cliff Park Ormiston, is being designed into pop up banners and will be on display at the Hippodrome in Great Yarmouth on March 2nd before embarking on a World Tour of Yarmouth throughout the spring.

Art students from East Norfolk Sixth Form and East Coast College have been busily working with professional illustrator Stuart Paterson to create a raft of wonderful graphic visuals reflecting the themes of the Requiem.

Students art session

Their work will be projected on large screens around the Hippodrome during the performances on March 2nd. Here’s a sneak preview:

Print work

Music students from Charter Academy, Flegg High and Ormiston Venture Academy joined with our composer Sarah Freestone and two members of the BBC Concert Orchestra for their second composition workshops.  They will complete their pieces on Land, Sea and Air in a third workshop at the end of January, assisted by Norfolk Music Hub staff, ready for rehearsal workshops in February.

Pupils from Trafalgar Academy co-composed vital underscore sequences for ‘Mrs Yarmouth’s Theme’.

The project’s steering group, plus extras from Benjamin Britten School, explored their whimsical side in two inspirational creative writing workshops run by Shey Hargreaves from the Norwich Writers Centre. They produced some moving and thought-provoking pieces of work which they will read during the Requiem performances. Not a dry eye in the house- guaranteed!

As partners from the BBC and creative teams all met for a chilly but productive technical planning meeting at the Hippodrome, primary pupils from six local schools began rehearsing a two-part Anthem which will form the final movement of the Requiem, working from sound tracks and scores written by the project’s composer, Sarah. This piece will provide an uplifting finale to these very special performances.

Requiem media students

All elements continue to be captured by media students from East Coast College and East Norfolk Sixth Form under the excellent mentorship of BBC Voices, to create a documentary record of the Requiem project and performances. The films will be available to view on line and a dvd copy will be offered to every participant.