Requiem Researchers Find Forgotten Stories 

Requiem project participants from local high schools and colleges are already starting to create a brand new touring exhibition of Great Yarmouth’s WW1 stories. In September, students visited Time & Tide Museum, Great Yarmouth Library and the Archive Centre in Norwich to explore archives, learn from experts and take part in immersive and exciting research days.

Costumed characters gave insights into life in the forces, and students walked the route of the 1915 zeppelin raids, checked out the library strong room and looked at primary source material behind the scenes at the record office. The process was captured by media students from East Coast College and East Norfolk 6th Form for a short documentary film.

“I liked exploring the underground archives”- yr9 student, Benjamin Britten High

“The activities at the museum were sooooo fun” – yr8 student, Cliff Park Ormiston Academy

All the information they’ve gathered will soon be transformed into pop-up panels to be displayed at venues around Yarmouth. Look out for them from March 2018!

Next time… Compose yourself: Requiem music workshops begin!

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